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Up All Night Tour - December 18, 2011 - July 1, 2012

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One Direction Fanfic

Hey everyone! Part 2 of my OneDirectionFanfic is coming up, I will post it by the end of the day, if you haven’t read the first part already go on my tumblr and have a look it’s already posted, I did all my best really hope you like it :)

Feel free to comment and tell me anything :)x       

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Hey everyone! I’ve always wanted to write a fanfic about One Direction but the thought that nobody will see it and that I would have looked ridiculous stopped me, But I’ve finally did it and it would mean the world if you could read it and share it cause I did all my best, Fell free to post your comments as well :)xx -Celine

                                        #PART 1

                                 HOW IT ALL STARTED

         I’ve been waiting for this since months, it was like a dream to be there, and right after I got that ticket in my hands, to become true. I was there since 2 hours, and I felt like the crowd didn’t move. There was one selling tickets stand for an uncountable amount of fans. It was in really small room and we were all tucked up together, I could barely move, if still can breath. The first half hour was okay, then I started feeling bad after an hour of standing there. And as time goes by, I was feeling more horrible every second. I look at my phone, it’s 5 p.m. Two hours I’ve been there and still waiting my turn. I started sweating and had to raise my head upon the crowd to take a breath. I was exhausted so I got on my toes and my head was upon the one right in front of me, and I took a look at the crowd. It was exasperating, there was still about hundred fans before my turn. Left, right, I was pushed many times by the crowd from everywhere. But the worst part was, all the people were talking and screaming right next to me, and some were really loud. I couldn’t even hear myself think. I’ve tried relaxing myself by doing some circle moves on both sides of my head with my fingers, but I couldn’t take it with all the people surrounding me. I wanted to get on my toes to take a breath again, I’ve tried, I was about to, but my feet won’t hold me anymore, my eyes were closing, my head was spinning, everything became blurry, I lost my mind and soul and fell on the ground. I fainted. 


I felt like relive, My eyes were opening, and my breath and soul came back to me. I was feeling free, no one was surrounding me, I was finally able to breath normally again. But then I felt my head supported by someone’s hand. When my eyes were fully opened, I saw the most handsome guy I have ever saw. He had long curly hair, green, caring eyes that can make you melt any second, those eyes were fixing me as a smile was appearing on his face when my eyes were opened. His hand was a the back of my head and I could feel his other hand and the back of my back as well. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t, I was too weak, and his beauty was speechless. He could see as I was trying to say a word but I couldn’t so he just asked me ” Are you okay now babe?” and his smile was more and more attractive every Milli second. So I just shook my head as a yes, and tried to smirk a smile, but I was feeling so bad and weak, that I just couldn’t. He then said ” Well I don’t think so, I’m gonna take good care of you” So he put his hands around my waist and lift me up, I was in his arms as he was walking. I felt my head spinning again, so I’ve let my head fall on his shoulder and closed my eyes.


When I woke up again, I was feeling much better and I opened my eyes in a second. I saw green painted walls and saw a shield with a bunch of medicines and I realized I was on a bed, a hospital bed. I then suddenly stood up and looked around me. I first looked on my right and saw, this cute guy, sleeping on the couch. I then realized that I slept the whole day and looked at the clock on the wall and saw : 4 a.m. And then I looked back at this guy, his arms were crossed and he was sleeping on the side facing me with his closed eyes. He was still looking really cute even when he was sleeping. But then, it’s 4a.m, this guy stayed the whole night by my side, watching over me, although he’s a stranger. I first taught that was weird, and almost scary, who is he? But then I realised how nice his act was. It took me a minute, but i finally got to stand up. I went in his direction and got on my knees to be at his level. I looked at him, and smiled. I don’t know why but I smiled, maybe because of his sweetness of staying the night, rescuing me and being so cute. I didn’t know if I had to wake him up or not, But I finally shook his shoulder. A minute later, he half-opened his eyes, and saw me watching over him and smiling, so he fully opened them with surprise and directly stood up. He was embarrassed by the fact that I saw him sleep as he was blushing. I didn’t move, was still on my knees staring at him, so he smiled and laid back on the couch on his tummy facing my face. He started ” Now that you’re awake beautiful, can you tell me what’s your name?” His smile was increasing from a side which made appeared his perfectly lined up teeth. And I was completely blushing over it, so I stared at the ground and said  ”Celine” and then looked back at him with a smile. He was still staring at me so I continued “Before we continue, why did you save me and took care of me in the first place?” This question couldn’t stop running through my mind the whole time and I had to ask him. So he turned and was laying on his back looking at the ceiling and said ” I was looking through the crowd among my fans, I was next to the stand which was selling tickets, and then I saw you, but you didn’t notice, I saw you and then I saw you fainting, I couldn’t help myself but run into the crowd and take you aside” He stopped for seconds then continued “You know the rest of the story”. I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless by his kindness.. He was still looking up and continued ” I was amazed by your beauty, I couldn’t help myself, it was like there was a voice in my head telling me that I had to save you” and he looked at me ” And I personally don’t regret anything”. So I smiled, but I was so curious and I had to ask the question which was the most important one “But why would a stranger like you save someone like me? Wich crowd are you talking about? Who are you?” So then he stood up, looked at me, grabbed my hands and stood me up too and said “You were among billion fans trying to get tickets for our concert.” I wasn’t understanding anything so I let go his hands and gave him a confusing look and backed up “What concert?”…. “You don’t remember anything do you?” he said, I waved my head as a sign of a No. So he got closer to me and said “You were waiting, you were standing, with billion other girls wishing to have a ticket to watch us performing at our concert. But then you fainted and I rescued you. But before that, you were like any other fan waiting for your turn, you wanted to see me singing, you wanted to see us singing.” I was still confused and added ” Who are you?”, he smiled and said ” My name is Harry Styles.”                                

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